The Anther Group supports high-capacity entrepreneurs looking to disrupt the marketplace with unique ideas.

Our goal is to help entrepreneurs turn business ambitions and aspiration into business realities. With our high-level thought leaders, experienced capital fundraisers, and exceptional business strategists, we can be your team to deliver tailored assistance.  We’ll help develop your great ideas and get them into action.

                                            THE 'SERIES EN' METHOD

Through our Series EN method, we help you chart a path toward your distinct definition of success. We engage key stakeholders as that definition comes to fruition, making sure we’re  bringing the right type of business acumen to you. Through Series EN, we’ll help you learn about effectively cultivating a motivated team, expertly navigating common funding pitfalls, managing product and technical risk, and accurately assessing business strategy -- to reach your business’s full potential. We’re here to support you, the entrepreneur.



Entrepreneurs need support. The most talented people can fall short if they are not backed by experienced, dedicated, and savvy partners. Anther Group helps build your business and get the right kind of work done -- and done right.


Whether that’s preparing the required documents, market research, competitive analysis, sales introductions or follow-ups, we can relieve the pressure of start-up business challenges.

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