Anther Group concentrates on innovations in agricultural technology, engineering technology, genomics and bioinformatics, nano and microtechnologies, software, advanced material technology innovations, life sciences, and physical sciences. But we're open to all smart investments.

The Problem: Entrepreneurs In Unfamiliar Waters

Entrepreneurs need support. Even the most talented people, best ideas, and unique products fall short if they are not backed by experienced, dedicated, and savvy partners. Navigating the business environment is different from technical or science fields. Anther Group identifies early stage ventures with high market potential and 3-5 year horizons. By helping investors discover the ideal pool of companies and engaging the best influencers, Anther Group sets up high-potential ideas and entrepreneurs for market success.

The Solution: Smart Early-Stage Investment


Anther Group is a different type of investing. It’s connected, local, targeted, smart, and effective. We engage key stakeholders as the business comes to fruition, making sure we’re bringing the right type of business acumen. 

We’ll help your investment in an early stage venture with our direct involvement. Our team  helps reduce business-related stress for university faculty and focused entrepreneurs, allowing them to stay in their “zone of genius.” This helps create more technology transfer opportunities – and bring success for all parties involved.


It’s a win-win. 

Anther Group’s Technical Support

There is a deep pool of technical competence available to Anther Group from manufacturing expertise to domain excellence, analytics experience, and just plain old smart people. We have the prowess to evaluate if something cutting edge is really a breakout technology, an incremental improvement, or a potential dud consisting of a good idea at the wrong time. These services support the value in Anther Group selections and give investors confidence on their route to deep diligence.

We are excited to share our experience and use our know-how to help our partners succeed. Read more about how we help entrepreneurs and why it's smart to invest with Anther Group.

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